This site is constructed by Prof. Jeong for educational purposes.

    Available courses

    In Fall 2019, Prof. Tang and Jeong jointly offer this course, providing English lecture and Intensive experiments. This course intensively rely on experiments and thus students must try themselves for hand-on experience.  Students must bring personal notebooks and do experiments with the supplied kits. 

    Besides attending lectures and reading textbook, students must do themselves for programming and testing by way of simulators and boards to watch internal progresses in 8051 system so that they understand the actual system. Otherwise most of students cannot finish the course successfully.

    Principles and labs for 8051 microcontroller and interface. The lecture platform is based on C8051f340 by SiliconLabs  and the software tools are based on edsim51, Wave6000, Keil C51, Symplicity Studio, Proteus. We are learning microcontroller with the kit by programming in Assembly. 

    Principles and labs for embedded systems. Platforms include Android, intelFPGA, and RPI.

    This course attempts state-of-the-art technologies, such as python programming, computer vision, deep learning, and robotics. During the course students must do several projects for demonstration. The topics will be variable depending upon resources such as hardware, software and lab space. 

    The projects will be organized as individual demonstrations and group competitions for the given task.

    This is the course, Digital Circuits (94L985Q), opened Spring 2019. This site will be  the main place for communication with students and me. Lectures, Experiments, HDL Programming.